Change your Brain with Binaural Beats

Binaural frequencies are sound frequencies which you play through earphones. It is actually an illusion or sort of trick played on the auditory centers of the brain. Different frequencies are played in each ear and it creates a differential between the frequencies. This differential is actually the third frequency the brain begins to hear. What is interesting is how this will manifest as different brain patterns depending on the third frequency. One can achieve stress relief, improved concentration, better memory, deep states of meditation and more alert states of calm, and deep sleep.

Brain Waves

There are 5 basic brain wave states. They have been given Greek letters to symbolize and name them and each state is a different one of consciousness. From the highest frequency to the lowest, they are as follows:

  • Gamma – This is the highest brain frequency associated with advanced thought, inspiration, genius, transcendent mind, and clarity of consciousness.
  • Beta – Sometimes called “the coffee state,” this is when our brains are at heightened alertness and awareness. It is useful for focusing, learning, and completing tasks efficiently.
  • Alpha -This is the state considered to be ideal for learning and simply just being. It is a state of being calm and alert.
  • Theta – Entering slower brain waves, the theta state is that of meditation and sometimes considered the state of being between sleeping and waking. It is useful for creativity and healing purposes.
  • Delta – this is the lowest brain wave state and it is when deep sleep occurs. This is the pure deep sleep with no dreams. It is total sedation.

The Results

When these frequencies are played in binaural beats, they induce the same frequency in the brain. There are various combinations available for concentration and memory, calmness, meditation, pain relief, and so much more. Simply look them up on YouTube and use earphones.